In the beginning, there was a dream, nurtured by a vision that saw Kurdistan Region as the future to real economic development in Iraq. Being abundantly blessed with agricultural products and enormous human and material resources, the country needed an opportunity to showcase its strength and potentials in the area of food production and packaging as a major export base aside from its major economic resource- the liquid black gold. As a result of the long-term focus, persistent belief and faith invested in the country and its potentials by the pioneering founders of the company, LADERA food was born.

Today, LADERA Food can look back with a sense of pride and accomplishment at our heritage and achievement as a leading provider of Consumer Food products in Iraq.

LADERA Food became operational in 2015 with the backup of an extensive business experience that spans over two decades. The company will gradually have etched itself into the Iraqi foods and packaging market by maintaining quality control backed by best technology in all its operations.


Ladera Food Products



Ladera Food Tomato Paste

Kurdish Product and %100 Natural 


Ladera Food curry

Kurdish Product and %100 Natural 


Ladera Food Coffe

Kurdish Product and %100 Natural 

Ladera Food Beans

Kurdish Product and %100 Natural  and %100 Natural Beans

Ladera Food Pistachios

Kurdish Product and %100 Natural Beans

Ladera Food Tea

Kurdish Product and %100 Natural

Ladera Food Nuts

Kurdish Product and %100 Natural